Travel grants

In case you don't have enough budget to attend event in-person

Participating UbuCon Asia in-person would require a lot of budget mainly due to flights and accomodations. In many cases, You may ask your employer, school or other organization to cover expenses for trip to Seoul. If you have enough money to spend, You can also consider travel to Seoul with your own expenses. But not everyone would be able to get expenses covered in these ways. For those who who has difficulty with bring travel budget, we have some information for that.

Travel grants by Organizing team

Just like last year, We plan to provide travel grants for selected participants who applied for grants. We usually provide grants for speakers with difficulties to cover expenses first then organizers, volunteers and participants order. We always try our best to raise our fund through sponsorship, donations from individuals, ticket fee, but our budget and funds are always limited. So, Please note that it is difficult to gurantee that we can provide grant to every applicants. In case we can’t get you covered, We recommend to also look for alternative ways to bring funds for your travel.

Details on travel grants will be available later.

Ubuntu Donation Funding

For Official Ubuntu Member, We don’t get your expense covered whether you’re speaker or not. Please apply for Ubuntu Donation Funding to get your travel expenses covered.
You will need a Ubuntu One account with a membership to Ubuntu Members team on Launchpad to submit application.

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